Robotic Surgery Telementoring Approaches

Business Opportunities

  • Identify strategic partners capable of providing enhance tele-monitoring / tele proctoring services for surgical procedures.
  • The business goal is to identify complimentary solutions to enhance hardware development and enhance product offering while reducing product development time and costs.
  • Complimentary service will also increase hardware utilization and increase unit sales

Business Drivers

  • Market Dynamics Requires Increased Organizational Agility
  • Increasing Market Pressure From Both Existing New Competitors

Key Performance Indicators:

  1. Ability to transmit secure video from both medical instruments and pan-tilt zoom cameras
  2. Ability to provide video analytics to detect anomalies and document key procedure steps
  3. Ability to provide video editing and mark-up for education and training

Agile Supplier Assessment:

Rapidly engage an expansive innovation ecosystem to conduct a global and confidential landscape assessment with global research and development centers, leading engineering firms, aligned to your strategic initiatives that deliver differentiated business capabilities.

# Suppliers Identified


# Suppliers In RFP


# Suppliers Selected


Experimentation Approach & Methodology

  • Define a set of enabling capabilities and key performance parameters that will support the current and future growth of the healthcare platform
  • Identify a set of suppliers capable of not only delivering enabling capabilities but evolving current products to constantly deliver innovative solutions that further increase the healthcare value proposition
  • Create a representative data set that reflects a healthcare environment but does not depict actual procedures to protect client’s intellectual property.
  • Assess suppliers’ ability to meet the key performance parameters based on publicly available information, demonstrations and discussions


  • Supplier able to meet or exceed all identified Key Performance Parameters (KPPs) identified.
  • Additionally, all suppliers are investing in multi-year research and development of video analytics solutions to compliment hardware technologies.  This finding eliminates the client’s requirement to develop video analytics. As a result of analysis and testing the client accelerated time to market while reduce product development costs.

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  • Evaluate the risks and opportunities of selecting an industry supplier vs a non-traditional partner based on a balance between domain knowledge vs interest in a strategic partnership.
  • Determine the strategic partner relationship 1) Preferential Licensing; 2) Corporate Venture and/or 3) Acquisition
  • Create a due diligence approach for evaluating potential strategic partners based on financial and market position; technical solution to include architecture and intellectual property and culture compatibility.

Additional Insights