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2THEDGE’s Testing and Experimentation as a Service (TEXaS™) provides enterprises with tailored, agile and on-demand innovation services that provide real-world INSIGHTS into emerging trends and accelerate ACTION that delivers transformational business OUTCOMES.

These unique hands-on insights from HUNDREDS of cross-industry proofs of concepts provide superior inputs for strategic planning efforts to guide organizations through today’s chaotic business environment by dynamically evolving people, process and technology capabilities.

Where do you want to accelerate your Digital Transformation?

Help People

Provide your employees the necessary skills and competencies for tomorrow’s business needs

Business Process Transformation

Establish the foundational process that will enhance organizational agility to achieve sustained competitive advantage

Harness New
Technology Capabilities

Deliver 1000X returns on investments in new technology capabilities

“2THEDGE aligned emerging technology trends to our business processes that challenged the status quo and allowed our teams to deliver business value faster and cheaper.”

– Global Retail Executive

“2THEDGE’s application of computer vision technology to improve supply chain workflow and increase throughput is the best example of pioneering advanced technology.”

– Transportation Executive

“2THEDGE’s experimentation as a service allows business leaders to test what is possible and provide a starting point to deliver technology solutions that aren’t available to anyone else.”

– Hospital Executive

Step Forward to Harness Disruption

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