The Company

2THEDGE enables organizations to go beyond simple emerging technology INSIGHTS by accelerating ACTIONS that deliver decisive OUTCOMES.

Since our launch on 4.1.14, we have assembled innovation experts from multiple industries with relevant emerging technology expertise and pragmatic industry perspectives to accelerate your organization’s technology experimentation, implementation and adoption activities.

Our passion is to help organizations harness emerging technologies to achieve sustained competitive advantage. Start your Expedition to conquer your untamed technology frontier by contacting us at

The Culture

2THEDGE strives to help every individual achieve a purpose driven life and lasting legacy for his or her family, community, co-workers and clients.

This ethos is our operational foundation and our fundamental decision-making precept.

One example is our business model that emphasizes client relationships through local delivery and support. This promotes persistent on-site collaboration and reduces the travel impacts to our delivery partners. We will never stop applying the same INSIGHTS – ACTIONS – OUTCOMES framework to achieve something much greater than profits.

If you are looking to combine your professional passion with your personal purpose contact us at to learn about our current opportunities.


2THEDGE insights go beyond simple data trends that become dots on a graph. Instead, we work side by side with our clients to develop knowledge and ultimately wisdom on a range of constantly evolving emerging technologies.

2THEDGE understands that clients need insights that encompass industry, market and organizational context to provide value. Our model and resources bring focus, attention and understanding to deliver insights tailored to your specific organization’s context.

All of our clients are pushing their organizational limits. Regardless of your current technology landscape, 2THEDGE can help your organization rapidly take the next STEP forward. A sample of our current engagements reflects our insights across current, leading and emerging technology capabilities.

Do not worry about our team losing relevance by leaving you in the trenches! We will stand shoulder to shoulder with you to accelerate your emerging technology activities. This constant physical collaboration inoculates our team against contracting “talking head syndrome.”


At 2THEDGE, we help our clients take action on emerging technologies through hands on services and consulting engagements that enable an organization’s ability to identify, assess, test, implement and accelerate high adoption of new capabilities.

Innovation requires change, which is no easy task. Our STEP methodology provides a framework to help facilitate change for individual projects or develop an organizational morphology competence to face increasingly dynamic markets.


Our clients leverage our services to create competitive advantage through industry disruption, market expansion, acquisitions and patent development. These highly confidential and strategic areas preclude the typical logo and case study marketing techniques.

2THEDGE will protect your secrets always. It is the only way to earn client trust.

Today, our clients span 6 major industries. Will you to conquer your untamed technology frontier?


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Take the first STEP to turn INSIGHTS into OUTCOMES.

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