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Current Partnership Opportunities

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Industrial Worker Safety Awareness

Provide a solution that detects and informs an industrial field worker of safety hazards on the ground below as well as vehicles moving in the worker’s direction. The solution shall be hands free and deliver safety information in both visual and aural format. The solution shall be able to read serial number information off an asset to automatically inform the worker of known safety issues.

Cargo Vehicle Asset Hub Tracking

Provide a solution that tracks the position of cargo vehicles within a transportation logistics hub. The solution shall be able to track the location of the cargo vehicle as it moves within the hub facility. The solution shall be able to identify the cargo vehicle’s type and alphanumeric serial number in all weather and light conditions.

Industrial Battery-Powered Handheld Toolset

Develop a battery-powered actuator technology that is compact, portable, and has power characteristics comparable with industrial hydraulic handheld tools. The end goal for this client is to replace the thousands of hydraulically powered handheld tools, such as grinders, drills, and saws, in the field with battery-powered replacements.

Next Generation Content Intelligence

Automate the production of personalized media content by developing a “platform” that understands the full range of human expression contained within both written text and associated images. Solutions should go beyond entity extraction to understand sentiment and meaning across a broad range of sentiments and meanings

Worker Physical Augmentation

Provide enhanced worker metabolic endurance and musculoskeletal supporting for material handling and installation procedures. Solutions should provide increased support and worker efficiency specifically for both upper and lower body joints.

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