2THEDGE Selects Vista Solutions an Emerging Technology RECON Block 2 Award to further the development of a Portable Vehicle Inspection System

Agile Testing and Development of advanced vision and lighting techniques to accurately capture surface defects and damage on a moving vehicle with sub-millimeter precision.

DALLAS, Texas (February 10, 2021) – 2THEDGE has awarded Vista Solutions a follow-on contract to continue with the Research and Engineering on a Capability of Need (RECON) efforts to develop a portable, 360-degree high-definition vision inspection system that can capture surface defects and damage on a moving vehicle with sub-millimeter precision.

Leveraging 2THEDGE’s agile Testing and Experimentation as a Service (TEXaS) capabilities, Vista Solutions will continue with the next iteration of this multi-phased rapid prototype development program to develop a working proof-of-concept solution that demonstrates the ability to replace an error-prone manual inspection process conducted on stationary vehicles with a portable 360-degree high-definition vision solution that allows vehicles to be driven through and the results captured on-the-fly to a cloud-based portal.

Vista Solutions’ Block 1 Development rapidly demonstrated real world capabilities that validated the Key Performance Parameters (KPPs) supporting the expected business value and return on investment:

We were very impressed with the work Vista was able to perform, rapidly building a rough mockup of their proposed proof-of-concept solution and then conducting a series of experiments using different lighting and camera configurations. Within a short amount of time and cost, Vista was able to provide results that confirmed further R&D investment was warranted.” – Transportation Business Sponsor for Block 1 Testing and Experimentation


Vista Solutions is an advanced engineering and technology company providing turnkey vision inspection products and solutions to a diverse client and industry base including Automotive, Pharmaceutical, Food and Beverage, Consumer Products, Military and Metal Casting. More information about the Vista Solutions team can be found at


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