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A robust scenario planning process combined with a mature innovation program provides the tools to help an enterprise identify and prepare for both future opportunities and risks.

Whether you seek to improve your innovation program or create a dynamic strategic foresight function, 2THEDGE methodology, tools and templates gained from thousands of cross-industry engagements and emerging technology proofs-of-concepts can help enterprises rapidly deliver increased business value.

Work Examples

Gain Enhanced Strategic Foresight

Charting a direction that navigates business uncertainty is a critical business capability. It is critical that organizations take proactive measures to Act, Sense and Respond to their Chaotic or Complex business environments.

  • Monitor a wide range of disruptive trends both inside and outside your industry
  • Establish cross-functional teams to evaluate how intersecting trends can both grow and destroy your market share
  • Conduct iterative and divergent hypothesis that leverage intersecting trends to create headlines from the future
  • Converge the developed hypotheses into a set of underlying competitive forces
  • Create role-based narratives that highlight the “Day in the Life” of representative roles that help leaders visualize the future state.
  • Communicate the developed scenario through a range of videos, animation or written stories
  • Identify strategic business objectives and supporting capabilities
  • Determine the impact to current projects, design experiments to validate key assumptions and implement a persistent surveillance plan that monitors external trends
Improve Your Innovation Management Function

Establishing or maturing an innovation function is a critical enterprise capability that will dramatically increase an organizational ability to adapt to thrive.

Each innovation function must be a unique reflection of an enterprises culture, risk appetite and change readiness. However, every innovation program must focus on delivering accelerated business value to maintain relevance and deliver impact

2THEDGE teams have helped 1000’s of Innovation function establish or mature their innovation capabilities across every industry and government organization. Our tailored and holistic approach will enable a business transformation engine for your organization.

Establish a Strategic Vision and Charter

  • Strategic Drivers
  • Change Readiness
  • Risk Appetite
  • Wolf Pack
  • Skunk Works
  • Venture
  • Identify key roles, responsibilities, skills and competencies
  • Create a standard technology maturity models
  • Develop a sales and marketing strategy

Define an Agile Innovation Workflow and Process

  • Develop engagement models to target tactical, operational and strategic innovation opportunities 
  • Engage all organizational levels and employees in sourcing opportunities 
  • Establish a governance model to self-select great ideas and maintain managed diversity of an enterprise innovation portfolio 
  • Create a common standard for internal and external development sources
  • Establish an accelerated supplier identification, assessment and engagement model to include legal and sourcing
  • Incorporate internal business owners into supplier evaluation process
  • Design testing and experimentation models based on technology maturity
  • Create standard scorecards to evaluate solution’s ability to deliver business outcomes
  • Monitor, Assess and Recommend next step based on testing outcomes
  • Incorporate broad user / employee participation in testing process to collect feedback and socialize change
  • Ensure alignment with internal implementation teams
  • Address funding strategies to ensure investment of new capabilities proven to deliver business outcomes

“Wow! We hoped that suppliers in our industry that have decades of knowledge would have had a solution. The supplier 2THEDGE identified and validated has only been in operations for 18 months but ran circles around dominant players.”

– Manufacturing Executive

“Shifting our traditional program acquisition away from a standard RFP to a series of proofs of concepts around each functional area allowed our selection team to see how the vendors worked to satisfy our requested new capabilities, validated their proposal claims and most importantly shifted development on the project ahead of the RPF award. This subtle shift helped us make a better decision and jump-started work.”

– Retail Executive

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