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The backbone of every organization is people. And when an organization must respond to dynamic competitive, geo-political, societal and consumer forces to survive, it must change, and so must its people. Often, this includes a new organizational structure and new employee skillsets.  Our proven agile people methodology allows our clients to adapt quickly and effectively to these forces.

Work Examples

Organizational Morphology

Change management refers to how people and teams are affected by organizational transition. Organizational morphology, on the other hand, is a much broader concept that includes the drivers of change, the current organizational structure, patterns and data for strategic planning. While it is possible to manage smaller-scale change, disruptive change that impacts the “morphology,” or form and core of the business, requires a radically different approach. This is true because large-scale change is chaotic and unpredictable. Consequently, companies must be prepared to MANAGE THROUGH change. 2THEDGE has the expertise and tools to assist your organization to manage through disruptive change.

Every company should have a compelling and succinct “Why” statement that explains to customers the reason you are in business. “Why” your company is in business should be the foundation for the company culture, and the culture, in turn, should inform the core competencies, operating model, and strategic organizational grouping in that order.

Companies that do not have a causal connection between the “Why” and each of these layers can experience high employee turnover, operational inefficiencies, misaligned strategies, and missed revenue opportunities. 2THEDGE has developed an assessment to identify your company’s culture type and how well it aligns to its core competencies, operating model, and organization design.

2THEDGE’s change readiness assessment evolved from insights we’ve acquired from our work with clients, one of the most critical of which, is that employee resistance to change is omnipresent. To be more prepared for disruptive change, and organization needs a way to determine the level of resistance it must overcome.

Different from traditional organization design, strategic organizational grouping exists where there is an agile structure that anticipates disruption, and a causal connection with the company’s “WHY” statement, core competencies, and operating model. 2THEDGE can assess and recommend a dynamic and agile structure for your organization.

Employee Development / Talent Development

The goal of any talent development program is to create a place where people are engaged, have high work performance, and are learning and growing continually. 2THEDGE can enhance your company’s talent development efforts with:

  • Virtual Symposia
  • Tailored Presentation
  • Custom Research Reports
  • Future Job Family Structures
  • Future Skill and Competency Models
  • Professional Innovation Certification
  • Compensation Data
  • Placement Services

“2THEDGE is unique. They are not just focused on emerging technologies. They help us with identifying required skills and competencies for our target state organization.”

– Retail Executive

“With COVID-19 impacting conferences, we lost an important tool for education and awareness. 2THEDGE’s monthly tech briefs with a highly curated set of innovative vendors has helped fill the gap.”

– Retail Executive

“Understanding our change readiness and frankly change fatigue across the organization helped us to better understand our organization’s temperature and adjust accordingly.”

– Manufacturing Executive

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