Accelerate Digital Transformation Processes

Evaluating the impact of emerging technologies cannot rely on graphs that measure market sentiment and hype. It requires an iterative testing and experimentation approach that allows organization to mitigate risks and develop real-world insights to acquire new capabilities with knowledge. Our fractional consulting services provides organizations access to a cross-industry executives and services to reduce the cost and time to test new business capabilities.

Work Examples

Identify and Define Opportunities

Observing and Mapping real-world business process provides critical understanding to define the business need but to also fully gain situational awareness to properly scope innovation opportunities

  • Define the current opportunities and the desired target state through workshops, time in motion studies and observations
  • Develop a baseline Return on Investment (ROI) based on expected cost avoidance or revenue potential
  • Establish the enabling capabilities required to support the defined business opportunity 
  • Leverage cross-industry experts to develop and assess alternative approaches for delivering business outcomes
  • Assess the Technology Readiness Level (TRL) of the individual supporting capabilities and the overall solution approach 
  • Utilize Proof of Concept Testing Benchmarking based on 300+ completed Proofs of Concepts to determine the required budget to develop 
Expand Your Global Supplier Ecosystem

Utilize 2THEDGE innovation partner portfolio to gain confidential access to unique global suppliers capable of delivering differentiating new products, services or capabilities.

  • Create a confidential Broad Innovation Announcement (BIA)
  • Leverage 2THEDGE to engage with suppliers from both traditional industry providers and a diverse range of non-traditional sources
  • Evaluate potential suppliers based on ability to develop new capabilities and alignment to an innovation culture
  • Leverage 2THEDGE sourcing and contracting teams to establish NDAs and Master Services Agreements with 100’s of potential suppliers to support a Proof of Concept 
  • Create a separation between your organization and potential suppliers to limit harassing sales calls 
  • Obscure your strategic intent from potential suppliers during the early evaluation phase
  • Collaborate with 2THEDGE cross-function industry experts to review and assess supplier proposals with your subject matter experts
  • Provide recommendations to proceed and revised proof of concept budget estimate for business approval.
  • Establish Master Service Agreement that reflect organization’s controls to conduct proof of Concept
  • Negotiate and codify Intellectual Property and preferred licensing agreements
  • Manage Proof of Concept budget and fiduciary responsibilities
Conduct Agile Experimentation 

Leverage low-cost agile experimentation to validate the ability of emerging technologies to deliver key business performance indicators, social change through use feedback and minimize investment risks.

  • Update the Technology Readiness Level  
  • Select Experimentation Approach
  • Manage the cost, schedule and performance
  • Develop experimentation controls, conditions and observation approaches
  • Develop a benchmark data set for evaluation comparison
  • Refine the initial business case to determine ROI projections
  • Determine both the technical, process and investment gap between the current and target state
  • Recommend additional phased experiment or stop

“I am so thankful that 2THEDGE participated in a supplier presentation their Computer Vision Solution recently. With only a handful of questions, they blew past the supplier marketing to help identify significant risks saving us 7-Figures in development costs.”

– Transportation Executive

“The insights into the intersection of increased Catastrophic Events combined with advances in Smart Building and Autonomous Platforms give us insights into the radical shift between Standard and Non-Standard markets”

– Insurance Executive

“2THEDGE ability to discover and evaluate emerging technology suppliers is beyond anything I’ve seen. They find not only traditional suppliers but unique solutions solving similar problems in a wildly different industry.”

– Manufacturing Executive

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